"My daughter (5) and son (4) has been a part of this wonderful school since 2013 last year and it's been a joy. They have learned so much in this time, my daughter goes regular school half day and she is ahead in her class and my son is not too far behind her.  I thank the teacher’s everyday for their dedication and their hard work."

 Lynette ILuvya Thomason September, 2014

“Absolutely love this daycare, the staff is very professional and compliant with needs of my child. He's learned so much in a short time being here and he absolutely loves it. He's so excited to get up every morning and walk into seeds of joy. I'm very grateful for all they've done and taught him. They treat every parent and child like family and it's truly a great loving 
​and nurturing environment."

Bri Wright January, 2015

"Seeds of joy is just as amazing now as it was 5 years ago, when I sent my first child to the center. The staff is amazing and my son is excited to see them daily. I have recommended them and will continue to support Seeds of Joy!"

​Tashia Humphery  March, 2016



“Months ago I was in a bind and no job, no savings left, & and no way out. So I thought I may have had to take my children out of seeds of daycare because I had no money to pay the monthly fee. Shortly after I received a letter from the daycare stating that the monthly fee was only $22 instead of the $73 I had been paying. Therefore I had a credit left to continue allowing my children to attend the daycare. If that’s not all, I was also offered a job by the daycare in which I am now currently employed working right alongside my children. I’m so over Joyed. Thank you seeds of joy daycare for truly caring about the needs of my family"  

​​Valisha White April, 2016

"My son has attended Seeds of Joy since 2011 and the care giver has been exceptionally great. The staff has shown a great deal of care and compassion for all the children registered. The Seeds of Joy staff is an extension of my family and my son enjoys attending the school. I definately give 4 stars to all the directors and staff of Seeds of Joy."

Jennifer Jackson  April, 2016