Our Educational Curriculum Includes Reading, & Math in Chicago, Illinois.

At Seeds of Joy Daycare & Fitness Center in uptown Chicago ,we advocate unstructured free play and unrestricted playtime that enables children to use their imagination, develop social skills, and become autonomous and independent individuals. We augment that learning environment with a sturdy educational curriculum that strengthens our students' skills in reading and math.

​Teaching Philosophy

We provide a balanced program full of developmentally and age appropriate lessons and activities that children enjoy. Our instructors understand that each child will explore and learn at his or her own pace.

Our educational curriculum builds on children's strengths by offering challenges and creative learning experiences they enjoy. We implement several different educational strategies to provide a broad range of experiences and opportunities. Our curriculum instills in children high self-esteem, love of learning, and a genuine care for their community.

Building Scholastic Skills

With our daycare services, your child will fortify their skills in a variety of academic subjects, including language, science, social studies, art, reading, and math. As part of our no pressure philosophy, we teach these skills in comfortable environments with hands-on activities and visual aids.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that each student is well prepared to enter kindergarten

Our quiet reading time will instill in your child a love of reading, as will our weekly trips to the neighborhood library. Rather than formal assessments, we keep running records of children's progress and use documentation to keep you, the parents, informed.

Get the gift of a smile.